Root Canal Treatment In Gurgaon

We have often heard about the root canal treatment but what exactly is it?

The root canal treatment is also known as Endodontic treatment. This treatment is required when there is tooth decay or infection and because of which the dental nerve is affected. At The Dental Hub, we carry out this treatment with perfection without causing any damage to the pass way.

This treatment is needed when there is an incidence of cracked teeth or deep decay We comprise of proficient dentists who are known widely for their single sitting root canal treatment in Gurgaon with the help of rotary endodontics and apex locators which makes this process easier and less painful. Give The Dental Hub clinic a chance and we assure you the best treatment.

Any injury to a tooth can result in pulp damage even in the absence of visible chips or cracks on the teeth. If you ignore the infected or inflamed pulp, it can lead to pain and tooth abscess. The symptoms that you possibly need root canal treatment are as follows:-

  • An abscess or a gum blister

  • Swelling and/or tenderness

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold

  • Severe toothache

  • If you face any of these symptoms, you need to check your tooth by an experienced dentist in Gurgaon.


    It is a myth that root canal treatment is quite painful and discomforting. In fact, the pain is caused by the infection in the tooth, and not by the dental treatment. The infection or inflammation can occur due to various reasons however most common being the resultant of deep decay or trauma. The treatment helps in alleviating the pain by treating the infection in the tooth root.

    RCT basically helps in cleaning the interior of a diseased tooth which is then disinfected for preventing the loss of the tooth. With the improvements in technology and techniques, it is now a smooth and a pain-free practice. This treatment which earlier used to require multiple visits in can now be done in just a single visit.

    The Dental Hub clinic is a popular dental clinic in Gurgaon offering a painless root canal treatment in a single sitting. You do not require multiple visits for getting the treatment done. The Dental hub also alleviates dental anxiety perfuse radiance to your smiles.

    The proficient team at The Dental Hub makes use of painless techniques while you are undergoing your root canal treatment. This procedure is basically painless, where a local anaesthetic anaesthetizes the tooth and adjacent area for a comfortable treatment, which feels like a filling. The main implications for RCT are for necrosis, and irreversible pulpitis of the dental pulp caused either due to dental trauma, tooth cracks or chips.

    Root canal treatment is performed for removing infected debris, organic tissue, and pathogenic bacteria from the system with the help of mechanical instrumentation connected with profuse irrigation with disinfecting agents. After it dries, the endodontic space is filled with a filling generally made from root canal material and gutta-percha, which is a rubber-based material.

    The installation of a safe coronal seal finishes the RCT procedure. It is a common misunderstanding that root canal treatment can be quite painful, however, when you will actually experience it, it is not the same. Many people might be scared of the root canal as they are anxious about having dental work done.

    There is no replacement to your natural tooth. Endodontic treatment, however along with appropriate restorative techniques is a cost-effective method for restoring your natural tooth. Other methods such as Bridges, implants and other solution for replacing are a quite costly and time-consuming affair. This treatment alleviates the tooth pain and helps in protecting the affected tooth. This treatment has a great success rate. Good oral hygiene apart from regular dental visits helps a root canal-treated teeth last for a very long time.

    The Dental Hub clinic is the BEST DENTAL CLINIC IN GURGAON, particularly for root canal treatment. Root Canal Treatment at The Dental Hub is a painless, convenient and a single sitting procedure. We are more than happy! At The Dental Hub, we have a team of proficient trained professionals has helped numerous patients with their tooth issues with quality and economical dentistry. Contact our clinic to book an appointment.

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