Sterilization is a process of removal or total destruction of all microorganisms including bacterial spores from an object or surface by treating it with chemicals or very high temperature. Disease in a dental setup can be transmitted through various ways-

  • From patient to dental worker

  • From dental worker to patient

  • From patient to another patient

  • Dental office to community

  • Hence, effective infection control in the dentistry is essential for the safety of patients and community. That’s why sterilization and disinfection are important process to make sure this infection control system. In practice like dentistry, Most of the instruments can be used again. So it is important to make sure that these tools are infection free. Because all the tools come in contact with patient’s mouth and saliva, so it is obvious that it may contain bacteria or plagues. In this case, sterilization becomes preference to make all the tools reusable again. Sterilization procedures are essential to any good dental practice. Every dental clinic sees a large number of patients every day. So, it is important to go through these basic care procedures to avoid spreading infection between patients and staff. A good dental infection control starts with dentist itself. These infections can be minimized by following proper procedures.

    Sterlisation at the dental hub

    The Dental Hub clinic consider working in healthy environment, making sure about healthy dental treatments. Correct cleaning is an essential step in preparing instruments before treatments. Dr Neha Garg and Dr Amit Garg at The Dental Hub clinic also believes working in good atmosphere .That’s why The Dental Hub clinic ensures sterilization process being followed properly before every treatment for the safety of patients.

    Following Measuers Are Taken Care Of at the Dental Hub Clinic

  • Disposable items are used wherever possible

  • Contaminated sharps like needles and blades are burnt and disposed in different container marked as bio hazardous

  • All the reusable items are first cleaned in ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaner works by producing sound waves which causes formation of bubbles in liquid. This mechanical action along with a chemical removes all the debris from the instrument.

  • Before sterilisation the instruments are packaged to protect them from becoming contaminated after sterilisation.

  • By packaging the instruments are grouped into special step

  • All the instruments are sterilised using dry heat steriliser (autoclave). It is one of the best method of sterilization

  • The handpieces, cotton, gloves all are sterilised before being used in patient

  • The working area is sterilised using chemical steriliser

  • Regular maintenance of instrument washer device used to clean and disinfect the tools.

  • Well sealed packaging for instruments which are being reused.

  • Maintaining a comfortable and convenient environment for patients.

  • Aim to provide high quality dental services.

  • The Dental Hub is one of the finest and advanced dental clinic in Gurgaon, well known for the best dental treatments. It is a renowned clinic for various dental operations and treatments with extreme perfection and healthy working environment. Dr Neha Garg and Dr Amit Garg, are professional dentists, who have maintained the clinic with well-equipped technology. All the dental procedures are available under the roof of one clinic for the most satisfactory and comfortable treatments.

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