Missing teeth can be harmful for any individual because they can dislocate other teeth that may result in causing difficulties in performing simple tasks like to bite and chew food. It may affect an individual’s personal and social life. Nevertheless, it is absolute necessary to replace the missing teeth to get smile makeover. Getting comprehensive well experienced dentist in Gurgaon at The Dental Hub is an effective and inexpensive method to cover the problem.

When a patient visit our clinic for getting dentures, our specialist Dr. Neha Garg provides a thorough examination and understands the necessary requirement. After the examination, he will decide the most suitable type of denture to your mouth. The different types of dentures offered by The Dental Hub for Smile makeover in Gurgaon are as follows :-

  • FLEXIBLE DENTURE :- They are virtually invisible because there are no telltale metal clasps and the material used in blends right in with the natural color of the tissue in your mouth so no one has to know you’re wearing it.

  • ACRYLIC DENTURE :- The main advantage of this type of denture is that new teeth and new denture base can be easily added maintaining the patient’s appearance. They are long lasting if maintained properly.

  • IMPLANT SUPPORTED DENTURE :- This technology also known as All-on-Four deserves a special mention. In this procedure, the denture is supported by implants and hence remain fixed permanently. They look and function like natural teeth.


    The dentures created at The Dental Hub looks perfectly aesthetic and many people will not be even able to identify that you’re using one. Our clinic is equipped with all sophisticated latest tools and technology to offer the perfect dental dentures to the patient and giving a smile makeover in Gurgaon. The Dental Hub Clinic is highly recommended, when it comes to provide unmatchable aesthetic dentures. You can contact at our clinic help desk to know further about the dentures in Gurgaon.

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