Dental Bridges are planned when there are one or more teeth missing in the jaw and bolsters the existing natural teeth. The Dental Hub offers high quality dental bridges in Gurgaon to its patients. With proper care, the dental bridge can augment your overall health and instill confidence for years to come.

At The Dental Hub Clinic in Gurgaon, we offer the following type of bridges to our patients, they are as follows:-

  • PORCELAIN FUSED TO METAL (PFM) :- It is a tooth colored with apex strength. We use high quality material in PFM to provide our patient a aesthetic radiant smile.

  • ALL-CERAMIC BRIDGE :- These are the most beautiful bridges of all because of their invisibility but, they are not durable as the other types. However, there is no metal used in these so translucency is excellent.

  • A FULL GOLD BRIDGE :- A full gold bridge is composed of gold and looks pretentious. This bridge noble metal fits excellently and is much likely to end in allergies or sensitivities.

  • On your visit to the clinic, you will be treated by one of the leading periodontists in Gurgaon, Dr Amit Garg Our team might ask you about your oral health history and any medical condition that you might be suffering to better serve you. Our professionals will ensure that there is minimal or no discomfort during the procedure.

    Maryland Bridge


    At our clinic, one can benefit from high quality comprehensive dental bridges in Gurgaon. Our dental staff understand that a damaged smile with gaps between the teeth can belittle your confidence and can be a moment of embarrassment. The Dental Hub, best dental clinic in Gurgaon is equipped with the state of the art equipments to offer our patients a complete and healthy smile that can boost their confidence and self esteem. You can contact our clinic to know more about dental bridges in Gurgaon.

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